Coming up

A couple of things coming up over the next month …

CWC event May 2019

You may just be able to get in – check their website: Civil War Centre

Signals Corps tourdetails of anniversary tour

Plenty of time to plan for this one.  Not to be missed – there has been plenty of support from the Sealed Knot at recent Naseby events so expect some added colour (and powder!) …

Naseby Project Website

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Next week in North Yorkshire

This notice just appeared on social media (sorry for the short notice)

towton talk

Saxton, nr Tadcaster, is a few miles from the A1 … postcode: LS24 9QA

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16th and 17th Century weapons at Northampton Battlefield

Tom Talk 00

November saw Living History exponent Tom Aldwinkle give Northamptonshire Battlefields Society’s November talk at Delapre Golf Complex.  Tom brought along exhibits from his extensive collection of historic and reproduction weapons and equipment, explaining the evolution of weapons and tactics through the revolutionary impact of firearms.

Tom Talk 04a

Tom had a very interactive style probably derived from years of explaining topics at public events, encouraging questions and encouraging people to handle the weapons.

Tom Talk 01

Tom Talk 03

I’ll keep an eye open: Northampton Battlefields Society is closely associated with the Naseby Battlefield Project so features quite a lot of material within our period interests.



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A Busy Summer

It has been a while since I posted anything on Mercurius which is a bit poor for a news page.  Unless nothing has been happening.

In truth, although nobody has sent me any stories in a while, there has been a lot going on … the Pike and Shot Society has attended a number of shows (most recently, Partizan).

top Artizan 2018 02(the Pike and Shot Society stand within the History Zone at August’s Partizan)

The Civil War Centre, Battlefields Trust and the Naseby Project strengthened that Pike and Shot period appeal.

There have been some important conferences and reenactment events.

Naseby 373 01


But what I particularly wanted to raise is the recent development at Bosworth Battlefield.

What is happening at Bosworth?

The technology giant MIRA have put in a planning application to extend test facilities near the battlefield with a test track for autonomous vehicles (driverless cars).   It is the future and will bring jobs.  The Planning Officer was minded to approve.

Unfortunately it spreads onto part of the Registered Battlefield – so unless ‘wholly exceptional’ the Planning Committee should reject it.

Surprisingly, in consultation, the relevant Historic England official did not refer this to the Battlefields Trust but offered their own view that the damage to the battlefield would likely be minimal.  The Battlefields Trust does not agree with this advice and as soon as they became aware, launched a vigorous campaign to oppose the development.  In response, the Planning Committee have deferred their decision until 25th September.

Bosworth Festival 2014 01

Some questions that have come up …

Is this actually on the battlefield … and is this the ‘new’ battlefield?

Yes, and yes … this is probably right across the view Henry Tudor had as he approached Richard’s position.

Has archaeology been found in this area?


Is there more to find?

Battlefield archaeologists think yes, and have already suggested the registered battlefield needs extending on this flank …

Where exactly are we talking?

On this diagrammatic, right about where the word ‘Mercs’ appears on the bottom left

Bosworth deployments 2

Why would non-medievalists care?

Well, this is really a fight for all battlefields … self-evidently there is nothing wholly exceptional about the Mira application (just, for them, business good sense) …

So if any protection is to exist for battlefields, then it needs to be available here.

This is one of the most important battlefields in England …

So if any protection is to exist for battlefields, then it needs to be available here.

The Richard III, Leicester and Bosworth story has brought world attention and millions in revenue to Leicestershire …

So if any protection is to exist for battlefields, then it needs to be available here.

For Pike and Shot enthusiasts, this battle is transitional in political and military history.  It is important to everyone.

Please sign the petition here

Please write to your MP urging statutory protection for England’s historic fields of conflict.

Bosworth visit 09

(historian Mike Ingram on the Fenn Lanes part of Bosworth Battlefield, near to where the proposed test track would be built)



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Civil War News …

National Civil War Centre

P&SS blog CWC post 01

Civil War Centre Newark

P&SS blog CWC post 02

The Naseby Project has also been busy over the Winter

P&SS blog CWC NBP post 02(Winter battlefield walk at Naseby)

Hosting Winter walks both for all visitors and a special event for the sealed Knot  … meanwhile taking their game of the battle to a special event at Whitehall’s Banqueting House

N at BH 2018 05

the West Midlands Military Show

N at WMMS 2018 05

… and progressing with their series of talks at the Royal Oak in the village …

P&SS blog CWC NBP post 01(Phil Steele analyses the intelligence gathering during the Naseby campaign)

From the Battlefields Trust and Civil War Centre:

1642 – Civil War Conference

Saturday 12th May 2018

Useful links …

Pike & Shot Society

Naseby Project

Northampton Battlefields Society

The Battlefields Trust


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Some dates published for Naseby Project meetings

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, hat and outdoor
Tues 20:00 · Towcester Mill at The Royal Oak · Naseby
Tues 19:30 · Towcester Mill at The Royal Oak · Naseby
Talk: Intelligence & Scouting in the Civil War
Phil Steele
Tues 19:30 · Towcester Mill at The Royal Oak · Naseby
Talk: The Human Costs of the English Civil Wars
Dr Andrew Hopper
Tues 19:30 · Towcester Mill at The Royal Oak · Naseby
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