Blewcoats memorial at Naseby

Mecurius was able to join a useful study at Naseby on Sunday … organised by the Naseby Project for the Battlefields Trust and the Friends of Kettering Museum.

Ian Dexter interprets the ‘Fairfax’ view …

Amongst new things to see was the memorial stone (in the corner of the first field up the Sibbertoft side of Broadmooor) laid this June in memory of the last stand of Rupert’s Blewcoats (the famous ‘wall of brasse’ moment) …

Blewcoats memorial stone on Broadmoor, Naseby

Added value on this tour of the battlefield was provided by a slideshow in Naseby village hall and reenactment party demonstrating ECW small arms and equipment (at the the ‘Rupert’ viewpoint).

Check the events page of the BFT website for more details of this sort of thing (but I will endeavour to keep you posted of events ‘in our period’)

Some more pictures of the day will appear on ECWBattles shortly …

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