Pike & Shot Society at Colours

The Pike & Shot Society spent an enjoyable 2 days at Colours, Newbury Racecourse, over the weekend.   Many thanks to the members who called by to say hello, renew their subs and browse the attractive collection of publications.

Manchester’s infantry falter: a scene from the Second Battle of Newbury

Phil Steele ran a presentation and participation game of the Second Battle of Newbury on behalf of the Society and the Battlefields Trust.   This seemed to generate plenty of talk over the weekend, punctuated with shuttling over to the window to look at the view over the historic battlefield to Donnington Castle.

As a bonus for ECW enthusiasts, WAR were running reconstructions of the First Battle of Newbury at the other end of the top floor: a 28mm Pike & Shotte game on Saturday; a 15mm FoG-R game on Sunday.

First Battle of Newbury at Colours: WAR’s Pike & Shotte game

Pat Wingfield tells us they felt like completely different battles but ironically gave remarkably similar results and both very close to what we know of the original battle.

Phil’s game used an Intro Scale version of Advanced Armati.  For more on the generation and setting up of the Newbury II, there is an article on ECW Battles in Miniature.

Don’t forget to resubscribe, now we’re onto a new volume of Arquebusier.  The team will be at Eastern Front on Sunday.

Mercurius                                                                                                                                       The Pike & Shot Society

1644 – Second Newbury: Cromwell has second thoughts …


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