Pike & Shot Society do Salute 2013

I was pleased to be given a roving brief as part of the Pike & Shot Society team at Salute

Salute P&SS 2013 02As you can see, the Society’s grandees were there, all the wonderful publications were on display, and there was plenty of encouraging interest.  I think the Society had a good day.

Salute P&SS 2013 01I could almost offer this as a caption competition … (I was tempted by the good the bad and the ugly … but who could possible think any of them ugly …) … Indeed, there was a good deal of thought went into showing off publications at Salute.  P&SS went for sauve, skilled and seasoned ambassadors, Miniatures Wargames went for roving, younger, female ambassadors who I am sure are regular players and can offer enthusiasts plenty of worthwhile advice.

Last year there was a lot of Pike & Shot period stuff going on at the event – Warlord games were doing their big push … but this year it was a little quieter …   However, there were still some good looking games around …

Salute P&SS 2013 04The Battle of Haywards Heath – 1642 (Eastbourne Wargames Club)

… and right next to the Society, the GLC Club’s League of Augsburg game (Beneath the Lily Banners) …

Salute P&SS 2013 03

(The Battle of Steenkirk – 1692)

Salute is a great place to meet people as well as to promote, and a number of interesting ideas were floated in and around the Society pitch – I hope there will be much to report as the year develops …

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