Event Horizon … May/June 2015

Helion event 2015

This coming Saturday sees Helion Books launch their ‘The Century of the Soldier’ series with a special event in Shrewsbury … see the poster for details (click on the picture for a larger version)

Meanwhile in June, The Naseby Battlefield Project and the Sealed Knot are hosting a huge recreation of the battle of Naseby on the battlefield in Northamptonshire.   The event will have enthusiast associations like our own Pike & Shot Society, The battlefields Trust, wargames, stalls and child-friendly activities as well as the big show … indeed, sources tell me that local artists are even holding a sketching field trip at the event (recording the event 17th Century-style) …

Campaign 2015 32

Naseby 370 on 13th and 14th June 2015 – entry and parking free both days 

Mill Hill, Naseby (follow the signs in from the Sibbertoft-Kelmarsh road*) events start with the opening of the Living History Camps and the exhibition marquees at noon each day

See the event on the Website … and Facebook

*the organisers add: please don’t try to access the event from the South, via Naseby village as you may end up blocked by Sealed Knot troop movements and unable to get through.  Cross the A14 and turn back in towards the battlefield from the Sibbertoft end for access to the free car parking …

Artillery Train at Naseby

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2 Responses to Event Horizon … May/June 2015

  1. thanks for this Phil, we are now fully booked- going to be a good day

    Chas best wishes regards   Charles Singleton Series and Commissioning Editor Special Projects Manager Helion and Company



    • yesthatphil says:

      I’m sure it will be a success … pity I can’t be there myself but it looks like a great schedule (and I hope you’ll run something similar on another occasion)


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