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Naseby routes

My friends at The Naseby Battlefield Project have advised me that the best route into the event is via Junction 1 of the A14.  Even if you are coming from the East or South, it is better to carry on past J2 to the Welford turn (Junction 1) and follow the route from there (come from the other side, through the village and you are quite likely to end up behind a Regiment of Foot which will be quite slow) …

The light blue route is the way the brown tourist signs take you.  But the dark blue route via Welford might be quicker depending on the volume of traffic.

The purple route from Welford avoids the village entirely and brings you down to the event past the main area of fighting on Broadmoor (Cromwell Monument).

The Pike and Shot Society will be there over the weekend … plus Helion Books, the Battlefields Trust, the Phoenix Wargames Club, the Northampton Battlefields Society, Dave Lanchester etc.

Over a thousand Civil War reenactors, Living History, wargames, child-friendly activities, Magna Carta, interpretation on the battlefield … something for all the family.  Admission and Parking is Free.


2014-15 Yearbook 75

Should you need it, the postcode is NN6 6BS

You should pick up additional signs as you approach


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