Event Horizon … May/June 2015

Helion event 2015

This coming Saturday sees Helion Books launch their ‘The Century of the Soldier’ series with a special event in Shrewsbury … see the poster for details (click on the picture for a larger version)

Meanwhile in June, The Naseby Battlefield Project and the Sealed Knot are hosting a huge recreation of the battle of Naseby on the battlefield in Northamptonshire.   The event will have enthusiast associations like our own Pike & Shot Society, The battlefields Trust, wargames, stalls and child-friendly activities as well as the big show … indeed, sources tell me that local artists are even holding a sketching field trip at the event (recording the event 17th Century-style) …

Campaign 2015 32

Naseby 370 on 13th and 14th June 2015 – entry and parking free both days 

Mill Hill, Naseby (follow the signs in from the Sibbertoft-Kelmarsh road*) events start with the opening of the Living History Camps and the exhibition marquees at noon each day

See the event on the Website … and Facebook

*the organisers add: please don’t try to access the event from the South, via Naseby village as you may end up blocked by Sealed Knot troop movements and unable to get through.  Cross the A14 and turn back in towards the battlefield from the Sibbertoft end for access to the free car parking …

Artillery Train at Naseby

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Naseby 370 … 13th and 14th June 2015

2014-15 Yearbook 75

Exhibitors include the Pike & Shot Society, The Battlefields Trust, Helion Books, Northampton Battlefields Society etc.

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Pike and Shot Society Yahoo Group …

First battle of Newbury battlefield

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the P&SS email group, which continues to be a lively forum for sharing links and insights ….

Recent topics have linked to a useful blog article on Mercenary troops in 15th Cent. French royal armies. and extensive discussion of the possibly important Musket bullets found in Newbury (give or take the dodgy military terminology!)

The group is limited to paid up members of the Society, but if this sort of information is useful for you, it might make for good added value to your subscription.  Join here.

If you are already a member, you can find the group here Pike & Shot Society Yahoo Group


In other news, there is an important meeting today regards the future of the Cromwell Museum (details) … We’ll try to keep you posted

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Summer Update

Some ECW Summer Events from the Battlefields Trust

Battle of Langport 1645  Thursday 10th July 2014

Anniversary walk around the site of the Battle of Langport led by Julian Humphrys

Battle of Worcester 1651

Sunday 7th September 2014 – a walk on the northern part of the battlefield with Tony Spicer

The Pike & Shot Society were represented at this year’s Phalanx wargames show

Pike & Shot Phalanx 2014… where we saw a very big interpretation of the battle of Marston Moor

Phalanx 2014 16c

Phalanx 2014 16a

Meanwhile, ECWBattles has a report ( … here ) on the recent Battlefields Trust visit to Cropredy Bridge

Cropredy Bridge 01

Cropredy Bridge 02

Details of all Battlefields Trust walks can be found on the trust website (link above) and are open to all visitors (there is usually a small charge for non-members)

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Banbury Battlefields (Part 3)

The third of the Battlefields Trust/Banbury Museum talks on Banbury Battlefields is this Saturday at 2:30 at Banbury Museum.   As of posting there are still some tickets left (but the last talk, Cropredy, sold out so don’t leave it much longer).

Harvey Watson talks on the Battle of Edgcote (1469) – tickets £7.50, bookable.

More info: Banbury Battlefields

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Campaign to save the Cromwell Museum

The Cromwell Museum is located in the centre of Huntingdon and is home to a significant collection of related archives, exhibits and memorabilia.

Cromwell Museum

The Museum has now been scheduled for closure and the Friends of the Museum are campaigning to keep it open.   For more information on the campaign, visit Save the Cromwell Museum, or to back the petition, go to


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Battlefields Trust Talk: Edgehill

Edgehill talk 01

16th November 2013, Banbury Museum.

Battlefields Trust Mercia region coordinator, Simon Marsh, gave a detailed and engaging analysis of the first major battle of the English Civil War, Edgehill (1642).

His account began with an examination of the Swedish and German (Dutch) infantry systems and how and why the Royalist commanders believed the Swedish system would benefit their army.

If there were any benefits to be had, however, they had dissipated by the time the infantry came into sight of the enemy as the formation proved too complex for the amateur  soldiers asked to employ it.

By the time battle was joined, the lead three Royalist tertia were presenting a single line ‘of nine bodies’ and the simple Dutch array was used thereafter.

In Simon’s opinion it seems there is no evidence to suggest that minor formation differences or doctrines played any decisive part in the conduct or outcome of the battle.

Edgehill talk 02(powder bottle cap from the fighting at Edgehill)

There was a small selection of finds on display from metal detecting on the battlefield which has helped identify the position and orientation more securely (and which places the battle nearer Kineton and with the armies rotated through 60 degrees compared with the traditional reconstruction) …

There was also some information circulated on the (lottery funded) Battle of Edgehill Information Hub which is particularly keen to hear from anyone whose family history connects them to the Banbury/Kineton area in the 17th century …

A thoroughly worthwhile talk to attend.   And there are two more to come … Cropredy on Jan 18th and Edgcote on Feb 22nd.  Details on the Museum’s News Page

Banbury Museum is a relatively modest facility, but what exhibits it has are well displayed. There was a good display on the evolution of the town and a nice couple of cases of 17th century military equipment.

It does boast a lecture theatre and a friendly cafe which served a pretty good cup of coffee – worth arriving early and having a light lunch next time, I suspect …

Edgehill talk 03

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